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“A long way down” – Review May 29, 2007

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A long way down by Nick Hornby; Paperback; Penguin fiction; 260 pages; 7,80 US $.



Review “A long way down” May 14, 2007

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‘Extremely funny…and wise’ – that is what the Sunday Times  says about Nick Hornby’s novel “Along way down”. It is a book about four completely different characters who meet on the top of a roof in London on New Years Eve, having all the same intention: Committing suicide. After recognizing that they are more or less in the same situation, they decide to meet again on Valentine’s Day and just have a look whether they still want to jump. But, as it happens, they are going to spend more time together than they ever would have had expected… (more…)

Review to “A long way down” by Marlen May 14, 2007

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I think “A long way down” is an interesting book, because it is hard to decide if you like it or not. Now that I have to settle on one of those two options I choose the positive side. (more…)

Review: A long way down May 14, 2007

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A long way down by Nick Hornby; Paperback ; Penguin fiction; 260 pages; US $ 7,80

Nick Hornby´s novel “A long way down” is about four different-aged people, who want to commit suicide on New Years Eve. The main characters Maureen, Jess, JJ and Martin meet on the roof of “Toppers House”, which is a well-known spot for suiciders. In the course of the story Hornby deals with the different destinies of the characters and their way to deal with the topic suicide.

I think there are some positive and some negative aspects in the novel, but the bad aspects trump the good ones. The topic and the different reasons for suicides are very interesting and sometimes there is somekind of sympathy. The book was said to be funny, but the funny parts are very tiny and hard to understand. It is very cumbering to read about bad mood all the time, because the thoughts of the characters are sometimes stupid and irreproducible. The storyline of the book is also very stupid, the fact that 4 people, who do not really like each other go on vacation together and meet again and again is hard to understand and in my opinion unrealistic. The characters are very strange, sometimes  intransparent and in real life they would not become friends,because they are to different. And I could not imagine that their situation as such could be a reason for a friendship.

All in all I would not advise to read the book, because in my opinion it is very irksome to read about strange characters, strange plot and bad mood all the time. So if you want to read a funny and exciting book I would suggest to take another one, because this book contains  none of these points.

Review “A long way down” May 14, 2007

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The novel “A long way down”, which was written by Nick Hornby, deals with four people, the TV presenter Martin Sharp, single-mum Maureen, the eighteen-year-old Jess and the American rock-star JJ, who meet each other at the top of a high-rise on New Year’s Eve and want to commit suicide. In the course of the book, the different characters tell something about their lives and the reasons why they want to kill themselves.

“A long way down” was the first book from Hornby I have read and it surprised me that I don’t like it so much, although he is a famous writer. In my opinion the plot is not very exciting, because already at the beginning is it obvious what is going to happen at the end, because it is difficult to imagine that somebody writes a funny book about people, who want to commit suicide and who really do that at the end of the story. The dialogue of the characters is poor, because most of the time, they tell something about their lives. For me it was sometimes boring to read, because some parts are to long.

Also I think that, compared with the reasons of people, who have really hard problems, some reasons, which the characters give to kill themselves seem hard to understand. The problems of the four are not so hard, that they can not be solved.

Certainly there are also funny moments in the book, because of the language they use, but I think they use words like “fuck” in some parts a bit to often.

The four characters are very different and I think it is interesting to see how they try to deal with each other and how they try to solve their problems together. Also the end of the book is not to bad. The big wheel is a pretty symbol to show that the lives of the four people go on but they don’t know yet how. I think it is an end some people will think about.

To sum up my arguments I would say, if you got to know Hornby as a famous writer, you shouldn’t read “A long way down”. It was not the worst book I have read so far, but there were funnier and more exciting books I have read. I think I wouldn’t recommend it to my friends or other people.

review “a long way down” by Benjamin Loschek May 14, 2007

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A long way down is a very special, droll, impressive and also absorbing novel, written by Nick Hornby. The English writer (famous for his novels “About a boy”, “High Fidelity” or “31 Songs”) narrates in his last novel the story of 4 characters, who meet themselves on the top of a towerblock, certainly with the aim to commit suicide. (more…)

musical references “A long way down” / abstract by Benjamin Loschek and Maria(nne) Wackernagel May 13, 2007

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The Cure

The Cure are a successful English rock band, which was formed in 1976 as “The Easy Cure”. The band was one of the leading pioneers of the British alternative rock in the 1980. The look of the band leader is characteristic for their musical style. He has wild hair, a pale face and smudged lipstick.


SCREENPLAY page 13 – 17 MARTINS PART May 9, 2007

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Camera is fixed on the entrance of the building and maureen arrives from left and goes inside while the camera is zooming in. After disappearing maureen, JJ comes with his moped from the right site and takes some pizza from it and enters, too. The camera tracks vertical up belong the fassade of the building and the happenings behind the windows are visuable while the camera is moving up continuous. In one of the windows you can see Jess how she is lefting a party. The camera is moving on until the top of toppers house and you can see Martin sitting right at the abbyss with a cigarette in the one hand and a bottle of whisky in the other and Maureen arrives in the background. First the camera is focussed on Martins face and then it switches in the background to Maureen.


I know you.

Martin turns around scared. (more…)

Comment March 21, 2007

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They bring you up, they care for you – parents. There is a time in life when children ask themselves wether they owe their parents something or not. Just as one of the characters of the novel “A long way down”. Jess in contrast to many people feels absolutely not tied to hers: “I don’t owe Mum and Dad anything. ” She gives many reasons for this, whereas she reflects on her relation to her parents but also includes her thoughts on what her sister Jen could have felt, as she rather feels tied and related to her inspite of their differences.


JJ (Part 1) February 25, 2007

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JJ was the last who came to the roof. He wasn’t like a person who wants to kill himself, when he appeared in the book. He came to the roof with a strange question, if anybody ordered a pizza, which looks like a joke in this situation. Maybe, he looks a little bit unhappy, but such people have to be unhappy. JJ is a musician and, how he describes himself, a romantic, sensitive person, so he have to be a bit melancholic. We don’t get a lot information about him. The first, what we find about him is that he is American. Then he tells, that he had a band, probably in America, which was popular, he liked what they were doing, and most of all, their liveshows. But this band doesn’t exist anymore.