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Martin – part one – by Paul Müller (subOne) February 23, 2007

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Martin is a guy well-knowen by the chosen people who watch breakfast TV or read the everyday tabloids. He is this kind of a businessman who always wears suits and who has got this standard achormanhairstyle. Martin has two children but his ex-wife interdict the contact among him and their two girls, because of a bad incident: This famous morning-show moderator has had sexual intercourses with a fifteen-year-old. The consequences after this story were a big affair in the media and a imprisonment.

Martin made lots of bad mistakes in his life, but naturally he’s a very intelligent person, wich is able to put oneself in the position of somebody else. That shows his empathetic feature. He knows how to change his speech. To some persons he talks very slangly and totally different, but with some people he talks in a very exalted way. If we compare the parts he discourses with Jess to the parts he speaks with Maureen, we remark this big difference. Sometimes he interacts a bit rudely with Jess, due to the fact that he has two own girls and he doesn’t like it, if they are so unauthorized. Sometimes he seems to be in some kind of father’s role. With Maureen he has a special relation, becaus of her gentle character. She is nice and sensetiv and he misses this in his own life, but for him, she is way to old to start an affair with her. Martin and JJ aren’t best friends, but they accept each other in this “special gang”.

The cause for Martin to attempt suicid, was this “bad luck” story with this little girl, wich lie at him and told him she was eighteen. He thinks that he has to pay for that and so he tries to commit suicide.


Martin (Part 1) – Daniel February 23, 2007

Posted by Daniel in Characters, Martin.

Martin is a middle-aged guy, who is well known by the public, because of his job at the breakfast TV and the newspaper reports about him and his affair with Penny Chambers. Before this affair he lived together with his ex-wife Cindy and his two children, who Martin never sees again, because Cindy forbade him. But he does not learn after his fault with Penny. He looks like a stereotype of an anchorman with his anchorman suite and hair. Because of his job as a TV presenter, he has a good vocabulary with very difficult words. But he also can switch his language to slang if he talks with Jess and the other characters at the roof. That is a fact, which affects to the reader that Martin is very intelligent and also can talk with every kind of people in a different way. He seems to be a rich man, who wants to live in the jet-set-society, because he has an appartment in a very nice neighbourhood called Islington, where people like Tony Blair were living.

To the other characters in the book he is friendly but sometimes also ruff, because he wants to rescue the younger ones, for example Jess, before their suicides. He also has some feelings for Maureen, but for him she is a little bit too old, so he can not talk about feeling love between him and her. I think that Martin is like a father for Jess, because he defends her before Chas and feels some kind of mercy for his situation. But he also abuses her sometimes. JJ has not any connection to Martin yet.

His reason to attempt suicide was, that he had to atone for his mistakes and that nobody want to do anything with such a paedophile like him. He says that he has to pay for that what he has done. The last straw that breaks the camel’s back was that everybody, who recognizes him, abuses him and that he meet Penny Chambers again.

Composition on Martin (first attempt) February 23, 2007

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Martin is a famous moderator of a top rated morning show in the UK,which is called “Breakfast with Penny and Martin”.He is a middle-aged man,who has two girls.Martin seems to be somekind of a typical businessman,which always wears some nice clothing and which is very proud of his outward appearance.He does not live together with his children and he could not imagine that his ex-wife Cindy let him see them again.Martin now lives in a little villagey part of Islington,which is a area that lots of celebrities and other rich people choose to live.Because of his abounding experience as a TV-moderator,Martin is a very good speaker.He knows exactly how to talk to the different kinds of people.You can see that he talks to Jess in a slangy way and to Maureen in a total different exalted speech.You can also see that he has different relations to the other characters.Martin seems to be like a father for Jess,because she is the youngest person in this special-gang.But he is also very rude to Jess because he wants to protect her from her wish to die. In Martin`s eyes Jess` reason for suicide is not wicked and so he wants to give her the chance to live and to find another boyfriend.In my opinion Martin has a special relation to Maureen, because she has got  characteristics ,which he misses in his life. He also feels with Maureen, because she is in a very bad situation. But I think you can not  talk of love between them, because Maureen is to old for Martin. Up to that point you can not see any relation between Martin and JJ. I think they can not  take up with another, because of their age difference and their different interests. But important is that they accept and respect each other.

Martin has made a lot of big mistakes in his life. His biggest mistake was that he had a sexual intercourse with a fifteen-year-old girl. He did not know that she was only fifteen, because she told him ,that she was eighteen. After that Martin lost his job, his wife, his children and he went to prison.After that it seems that nobody likes him anymore and that everybody who knows him abuses him. These are the reasons why he wants to end up his life and pay the price for what he has done.

Now being out of prison Martin “started” an affair with his former assistant Penny Chambers.