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First try of a trait of JJ February 25, 2007

Posted by karlinchen in Characters, JJ.

JJ seems to be a nice and decent person. For the others he first looks like a typical american rockstar with a leather jacket, what doesn’t fit with the fact that he delivers pizza in the moment where they all met.

He behaves very friendly about Martin, Maureen and Jess and he always tries to understand the others and also defend them if there is an impolite situation.

Characterisation of JJ – round one February 25, 2007

Posted by knuffelmock in Characters, JJ.
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John Julius, not a good name if you want to be a cool rock-star. JJ would fit better if you dismissed from school and started a life as a rocker in a band. That is the reason why JJ is called JJ and doesn’t like his real name and hates it when people ask about it. JJ is a quite interesting character because he’s quite like-able and doesn’t argues with the others often. He seems to be a smart guy who likes it when people get along all fine and very quick uses the word friends for this special group of 4 people. JJ often uses quotations, from books or songs that he likes, that fit into a very special situation. He once had a girlfriend but had broke up with her and also with his band because they were in a dead end and couldn’t think of any new songs or even at performing old favorites. These things sum up at his wish to commit suicide.

First characterisation about JJ(part 1) February 23, 2007

Posted by kecki in Characters, JJ, Uncategorized.

JJ is a young and nice american guy. He lived in America in Chicago, before he came to England with his girlfriend. Music was the biggest in his live. In America he was a rockstar, but after a while his band broke up, because the success was too low and therefore they lost more and more fans. In London his girlfriend left him and JJ was very very sad and devastated. A little time later he thought that the life must go on. He searched for a job and worked in a Pizza service. But in a while he felt alone himself, because he had no friends in London. At the day when he met the other three characters he spoke so much with them and he didn`t feel any more alone. He found new friends and he was a little bit happy. He was nice to the others, although each of them is different. He forgot his plan to kill himself for a moment and did things with the others. He has a good relationship to all and he even helped Jess to found her ex boyfriend on a party.

All in all JJ is a nice guy and the reasons for the dicision to kill himself are the flop with his band, the breakup with his girlfriend and his lonesome life in London.