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First assignment of a characterization of Maureen February 25, 2007

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She is probably the most different character in comparison to the other three characters of Nick Hornby’s novel “A long way down”. Maureen is a middle-aged and very quiet woman who has to bear a heavy burden. Actually she hadn’t live for almost twenty years now because she gave away her life. And the reason for that is her disabled son who can’t neither walk, talk nor recognize anything that is going on in the world around him. Maureen has to look after him night and day and you probably can imagine that she really is in pain (she even takes anti-depressants!).



Maureen #1 February 25, 2007

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Maureen is a mittle-aged single-mum. Her son Matty is profoundly retarted, he can’t speak and probably even not realize Maureen. She only had one time in her life intercoursed with a man – Frank, he is the father of Matty. Since Matty was born Maureen said her life has stopped and would never change. Because she has to pay Matty all of her attention and can’t do anything else in her life. She says that her biggest wish is that Matty is going to die. Maybe that sounds very hard, but also it shows her desperation. She thinks that her life is wasted and she wants to be like all the other happy people around her but she can’t because of Matty and that is the reason for her wanting to commit suicide. Maureen goes to church every sunday, but only because she is afraid of what other people would say if she doesn’t. That shows that Maureen worries about what people could think about her. Maureen seems to be a very shy and reserved woman and also not very selfconfident, because she doesn’t talk that much and if she says anything she seems to be very doubtful. She wishes that she could explain herself better and be able to show more emotions. She also doesn’t tell anything from herself and has to be asked by the others for her reasons of wanting to commit suicide. Maureen makes herself a picture of the other 3 characters, but does not speak out loudly what she is thinking about them. But her point of view shows that she is a bit old-fashioned, for example she hates slang and she does not know Martin Sharp, a famous tv presenter. All in all I think Maureen is a very friendly person and liked by all the others.

first try/ characterisation Jess February 25, 2007

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Jess is a eighteen-years old teenager. She is desribed as a very tactless, staright forward girl. Her biggest problem is, that she has no

First try of a trait of JJ February 25, 2007

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JJ seems to be a nice and decent person. For the others he first looks like a typical american rockstar with a leather jacket, what doesn’t fit with the fact that he delivers pizza in the moment where they all met.

He behaves very friendly about Martin, Maureen and Jess and he always tries to understand the others and also defend them if there is an impolite situation.

Characterisation of JJ – round one February 25, 2007

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John Julius, not a good name if you want to be a cool rock-star. JJ would fit better if you dismissed from school and started a life as a rocker in a band. That is the reason why JJ is called JJ and doesn’t like his real name and hates it when people ask about it. JJ is a quite interesting character because he’s quite like-able and doesn’t argues with the others often. He seems to be a smart guy who likes it when people get along all fine and very quick uses the word friends for this special group of 4 people. JJ often uses quotations, from books or songs that he likes, that fit into a very special situation. He once had a girlfriend but had broke up with her and also with his band because they were in a dead end and couldn’t think of any new songs or even at performing old favorites. These things sum up at his wish to commit suicide.

Maureen (V.1) by Vladimir February 25, 2007

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Mauree seems to be the only person who has REAL problems in her very difficult life. She is not like the other characters, because she wanted to die not because she made a mistake in this life, not because she missed something or somebody, but because of her son, Matty, who is disabled to do anything in this life, because he has a very seriose disease and exists only like a vegetable… He cannot say thanks to his mother, for all what she did for him, he cannot say anything at all. It is not his fault and it is not Maureen’s fault… It is fault of the nature if we can say so and nobody can cure the boy.  And this is a great disaster. Her own son, who must be the greatest award for every single woman , is for Maureen the biggest punishment. Sometimes she thinks that it will be the best thing for Matty to die, but these thoughts only break off her heart. In addition to it, her little world is limited by her own house and by a local church. Maureen lives like a prisoner and Matty is her “supervisor”.  It does not seem that she has a lot of friends, maybe only a few in the church.  And day to day her situation becomes more and more difficult… Nobody in this world can understand her or better to say that nobody want to understand her. All have their own problems and Maureen does not want to impose her problems to other people. Even when she tried to kill herself, she wanted to do it “in the silence” making no anxiety to other people. One more interesting thing in the Maureen that she is a dutiful Catholic, and in the Catholic religion like in other religions suicide is a biggest sin, but how we can see, wish to die is more powerfull than all her belief. So we can understand that the religion was the only thing, which gave her a hope, but when she totaly lost her hope, she does not care a lot about her next life.  But suddenly she met these three strange people and she decided to be together with them. Although she sometimes cannot understand the modern behavior of JJ(She also thinks that JJ is a gay because he has long hairs and he is American and it sounds very strange but if we remembered that she was almost 20 years isolated from this world it seems to be quite normal ), dirty slang of Jess and  strange Martin’s life, she feels that there is something that connect them, that they are one team, one band and they can help each other. Maybe she does not know how to do it, but maybe these guys are her last chance.

Jess part one February 25, 2007

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Jess is an eighteen-year-old girl with family problems. She doesn’t have real friends. Jess makes friends very easily but then she pisses them off. She is also a person, who doesn’t think too much about that what other people think about her and she says everything that comes to her mind. Jess speaks very slangy and uses the f… word very often. Before New Years Eve she had split up with a guy called Chas. He broke her heart, because he didn’t say anything, he just went and Jess didn’t manage that he left her and because of that, she talks badly about him. Chas called Jess a stalker, because she phones him very often and writes him letters and emails. Because of that Jess got hurt, because she doesn’t think that you can call it stalking.

On New Years Eve she went to a party, because anybody said that Chas was there and she said that he owed her an explanation and she would feel better, if he gave her one. Before she got to Toppers-House, she never had any intention to commit suicide. She decided it very spontaneously. Jess is the most individual and outsidish caracter, but she seas the four people as a group at first. The other three caracters don’t want that Jess commit suicide, because she is too young. Jess has a sort of plan. She wants that they help her to find Chas and he and she would get back together and Jess would feel better. If Martin, Maureen and JJ would help her, she doesn’t want to commit suicide. That also shows that Chas played an important role in her life and it is very important for her to see him again and that he tells her why he left her.

Jess doesn’t have a very close relationship to one of the other three caracters, maybe because she doesn’t have respect of their feelings everytime and she talks in an aggressive way. The closest relationship, she has to Martin, because he hugged her one time. She is very grateful to JJ, because he found Chas and so Jess could speak with him. To Maureen, Jess doesn’t have a real relationship. At the beginning of the story, she was more aggressive than later. She can talk more sensible with the others, now.

Jess is a person, who is often very aggressive, angry and impolite and she express these feelings very strongly, but she has also a sensitive side, especially if somebody talks about Chas or her sister Jen, who is gone and nobody knows where she is and whether she still lives.

Characterisation Jess – Part one by Marlen February 23, 2007

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Jess is an 18-year-old girl, who is a punk. When we get to know her she attended a party in Toppers House where she is searching for her ex-boyfriend called Chas but he does not want to meet her because in his eyes she is a stalker. Contrary to his impression she said that you can not call it stalking “when it’s just phone calls and letter and emails and knocking at the door.”.  That is a good example for her manner of expressing her emotions because everytime her mood shows very strongly. Jess is a person who does not think too much. In my view we can see that in her way of reacting and talking with other people. So it is obvious that it is a coincidence for her to jump off Toppers house. To commit suicide was not planned because she decided it spontaneously. That is the reason why she made the noise when she arrived on the roof. She said “it was [her] mistake if the idea was to kill [herself].” which means that she does not really wanted to jump. That serves to illustrate that jumping was just a game for her. Jess is really cheeky. For instance she asked JJ provoking questions when he brought the pizza. Furthermore she is extremely rough and curses all the time. About herself she says that she is not religious or shy. Another quality is that it does not matter to her what other poeple think about her. So she offended Maureen very hard when she asked her if her ex-boyfriend preferred to “shag” her in “doggy style” so that he does not have to look at her. But I remain unconvinced by all those qualities, because after that she shows “the real Jess”, I think, since she felt sorry for what she had done and at this moment she wanted to change herself. She knows that that she sometimes loses control when somebody laughs at her. That is why she is too fast and too direct and the reason why people are scared about her and “pissed her off” so quickly. First we could think that she is  selfish because she wants the others to help her to find Chas but truly she gots a link to them and does not want them to jump because she thinks that they could help each other. That is the reason why she compares them with a band like “The Beatles” or named them as a group. Moreover she got sympathy and empathy in high gear. That is why she wanted to kill Matty for Maureen because she noticed that Maureen want him to die.  Jess made that out of sympathy. Another striking example for that is that she knows that JJ wanted to kill himself too just because he has said that he wanted to share experiences.

So all in all I can say that Jess is just being disagreeable and offensive because deep in her inside she is very depressed and hurt, but there are only some little moments where we could find her showing her real emotions and feelings. So it remains to be seen if Jess opens herself up later or if she plays the cool one until the end of the book. I hope not.

Martin – part one – by Paul Müller (subOne) February 23, 2007

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Martin is a guy well-knowen by the chosen people who watch breakfast TV or read the everyday tabloids. He is this kind of a businessman who always wears suits and who has got this standard achormanhairstyle. Martin has two children but his ex-wife interdict the contact among him and their two girls, because of a bad incident: This famous morning-show moderator has had sexual intercourses with a fifteen-year-old. The consequences after this story were a big affair in the media and a imprisonment.

Martin made lots of bad mistakes in his life, but naturally he’s a very intelligent person, wich is able to put oneself in the position of somebody else. That shows his empathetic feature. He knows how to change his speech. To some persons he talks very slangly and totally different, but with some people he talks in a very exalted way. If we compare the parts he discourses with Jess to the parts he speaks with Maureen, we remark this big difference. Sometimes he interacts a bit rudely with Jess, due to the fact that he has two own girls and he doesn’t like it, if they are so unauthorized. Sometimes he seems to be in some kind of father’s role. With Maureen he has a special relation, becaus of her gentle character. She is nice and sensetiv and he misses this in his own life, but for him, she is way to old to start an affair with her. Martin and JJ aren’t best friends, but they accept each other in this “special gang”.

The cause for Martin to attempt suicid, was this “bad luck” story with this little girl, wich lie at him and told him she was eighteen. He thinks that he has to pay for that and so he tries to commit suicide.

First characterisation about JJ(part 1) February 23, 2007

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JJ is a young and nice american guy. He lived in America in Chicago, before he came to England with his girlfriend. Music was the biggest in his live. In America he was a rockstar, but after a while his band broke up, because the success was too low and therefore they lost more and more fans. In London his girlfriend left him and JJ was very very sad and devastated. A little time later he thought that the life must go on. He searched for a job and worked in a Pizza service. But in a while he felt alone himself, because he had no friends in London. At the day when he met the other three characters he spoke so much with them and he didn`t feel any more alone. He found new friends and he was a little bit happy. He was nice to the others, although each of them is different. He forgot his plan to kill himself for a moment and did things with the others. He has a good relationship to all and he even helped Jess to found her ex boyfriend on a party.

All in all JJ is a nice guy and the reasons for the dicision to kill himself are the flop with his band, the breakup with his girlfriend and his lonesome life in London.