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This blog is the platform for a classroom project on Nick Hornby’s novel “A long way down”.

The students dealing with the novel attend an advanced English course (grade 11) at Angergymnasium Jena .

Responsibilty for this blog lies with their English teacher, Uwe Klemm.


1. Francesca - November 28, 2007

Hey @ all !

Tomorrow I’m going to give a bookpresentation about “A Long way down” in my advanced English course. And your blog helped me a lot.
Because I got very different opinions here, and it is written in a understandable English, and not as scientific as many other reviews !
Thanks a lot =)


2. delightful schoolmaster - November 28, 2007

Thanks a lot for the feedback. Nice to see that you enjoyed our work. Good luck with your presentation!

3. Anni - January 21, 2010

Hey guys!

This is some nice work you’ve published here, well done!
I actually wrote a paper for uni on your project and the potential of blogging in the EFL classroom đŸ˜‰

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