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“A long way down” – Review May 29, 2007

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A long way down by Nick Hornby; Paperback; Penguin fiction; 260 pages; 7,80 US $.

The book “A long way down” from Nick Hornby has a very exciting story about four different characters. These four persons have the same mind, they will suicide themselves. As luck would have it, they would jump from the same house. The characters are JJ, he cames from USA to Britain and has no friends, Maureen, he has a child, Martin, a moderator with a bad background and Jess, a young girl without stoppages to say her own opinion. They have nearly the same problems in their life and they talk about this problems on the top of the roof. then they decide to continue their life for 90 days and then they meet again on the roof, on Valentines-day. Also they live their life and after the 90 days they come on to the roof and they decide that their life is ok.

The book is written in interrior monologues from the four peoples. This is a good idea, because you can see the feelings, problems and wishes. For example that JJ will be a rockstar. You can characterize everybody better. The title of the book is chosen very well, because the characters think about their life after the meeting with the others and so it is a long way to be sure that suicide is the only way.

All in all the book was good, because people can identify themselves with one of the characters and maybe they can learn a little bit about upgrading their life.



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