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“A Long Way Down” by Nick Hornby. Review May 15, 2007

Posted by enterpr1ze in Reviews.

This book is first book by Hornby which I have ever read and I also have not seen any movies based on his works, so I really have not known what should I await for… I want to start with a cover, because this part gave me a lot of promises. The magic words “The No. 1 bestseller” on the top of the cover and “Extremely funny… and wise” by Sunday Times looked pretty good for me and promised a lot of fun by reading this book. Now about the main characters. There are four of them. Martin, an ex-TV- star, who has destroyed his family and career cause of sexual intercourse with a teen girl. Maureen, a quiet catholic woman of a last generation with a totally disabled son, who exists only like a vegetable, JJ, American guy, who has lost his band and girlfriend or, in other words, everything, what was important for him in his life. And finally Jess, a crazy daughter of the Cultural Minister, who has lost her boyfriend(By the way, the most interesting thing about Jess is that she uses word “f*ck” more often then any others, what is a little bit unusually for minister´s daughter, and for me(!) it was only one funny thing in the whole book, but maybe I simple cannot understand a thin English humor…). And reader can ask, what are these totally different people have to do with each other? First: they all live in London, second: they all want to kill themselves, third: they all want to kill themselves in the same day and in the same time and finally they all want realize their “dreams” on the same roof… Hmmm… A little bit strange, isn´t it? But of course they do not do it and they all together create a “band” to help each other with their problems. And the whole book tells us about this “fight” for life. This fight is not between the characters and a society, but fight inside the characters. A reader can hardly find any action (and somebody wants to make a movie!, producer should have a big fantasy, because I really cannot understand how they want to make it) and funny dialogs in this book.. A big moral context? I do not find any… Maybe this book is for people who have a middle age crisis or something like this… I do not know. Only one I know good, this book was not for me.



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