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review -.-‘ May 14, 2007

Posted by martn in Reviews.

The main topic of Nick Hornby’s “A long way down” is suicide. Four middle-class people want to kill themselves, because of different reasons. One of these is Jess, who is eighteen years old and she wants to kill herself, because her (ex)-boyfriend left her without any reason and her sister is also lost. Another character is JJ, he wants to commit suicide, because his girlfriend left him and he wanted to be a rockstar but he has no chance. The two other persons are Martin and Maureen. Maureen has got a disabled son and has to care for him alone. Martin slept with an underage girl and now he has got a bad standing or reputation in the public. The met each other on Toppershouse, with is a high-rise building, to kill themselves. Then they get this great idea to wait until Valentine’s Day to jump from Toppershouse. They begin to spend or waste time together and fly on an island. In the end the meet on Topperhouse again and decide to live on.

The main issue of A long way down seems to be funny, but behind this issue is a very important and not so funny theme. Great Britain has got a very high suicide-rate and there are people of every social-class. There are a lot more people, who want to kill themselves but then they don’t do it. And this rate of people who want to commit suicide does not dicrease year to year…it increases. Hornby’s book has a happy end, but in real life it isn’t so happy.

As novel it is a very good book. The scenes are good-structured and the dialogues are funny and interesting. I didn’t read other books of Hornby, but this book i like a lot, even though the topic do not match the theme “suicide”.



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