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Review to “A long way down” by Marlen May 14, 2007

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I think “A long way down” is an interesting book, because it is hard to decide if you like it or not. Now that I have to settle on one of those two options I choose the positive side.

The book deals with suicide but it is not written in a usual way. As the reader you get to know four characters who met each other on the roof of “Topper’s Building” where they wanted to jump off. Nick Hornby, the author has chosen to write his story in four monologues which overlap in some scenes. That gives the reader the chance to judge over the situation with knowing two or three different opinions. Although does that style of writing bore the reader sometimes, because he wants to know how the story continues but he has to read the same situation once again. That makes the story sometimes a little bit slow moving and unexciting. But in contrast to that the characters are very plausible, realistic and attractive because the reader could imagine the different problems very well. In my opinion this is the most important thing on a book – that the characters convey something to the reader. Furthermore the language is understandable which makes it easier to follow the story. There is just one more thing which I do not like about the book and this is the end because I hoped that there would happen something exciting or unbelievable but the life of the charcters stayed the same with nearly the same problems. But all in all I could say that “A long way down” is a very successfull book which I like and I do not regret it that I have read the book.



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