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Review of “A Long Way Down” May 14, 2007

Posted by Daniel in Reviews.

A Long Way Down by Nick Hornby; Paperback; Penguin; March 2006; 272 pages; GER € 7,74

The book is about four persons, who are meet each other at Topper’s House. They are called Martin, an anchorman with a very difficult past, Maureen, who has a disabled son, Jess, who have problems with her parents and friend, and JJ, who came from the USA to the UK and lost everything. And they all have the same idea, to commit suicide at New Year’s Eve. But the group decides together to wait with kill themselves and meet again at Topper’s after 90 days.

It is written in an interior monologue and that is a very good idea, because so you can characterize and understand the characters much better. The circumstances are some kind of funny and the language of Maureen and JJ is not very difficult. But the story can not be real and is predictable. You can imagine what happens next and the end of the story is also clear. At the label of the book is a sentence which says that the book would be funny, but to me it is only being funny. The characters are strange and you can not identify with them and sometimes they are using demotic expressions which you can not understand as a learner of English and also can not find in any dictionary.

All in all I can advise this book for people, who some kind of strange and can identify with those crazy characters or are very good in English and can understand this difficult language. If you are not one of this two groups please avoid this book. Thank you …

Daniel Scheiding



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