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Review “A long way down” May 14, 2007

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The novel “A long way down”, which was written by Nick Hornby, deals with four people, the TV presenter Martin Sharp, single-mum Maureen, the eighteen-year-old Jess and the American rock-star JJ, who meet each other at the top of a high-rise on New Year’s Eve and want to commit suicide. In the course of the book, the different characters tell something about their lives and the reasons why they want to kill themselves.

“A long way down” was the first book from Hornby I have read and it surprised me that I don’t like it so much, although he is a famous writer. In my opinion the plot is not very exciting, because already at the beginning is it obvious what is going to happen at the end, because it is difficult to imagine that somebody writes a funny book about people, who want to commit suicide and who really do that at the end of the story. The dialogue of the characters is poor, because most of the time, they tell something about their lives. For me it was sometimes boring to read, because some parts are to long.

Also I think that, compared with the reasons of people, who have really hard problems, some reasons, which the characters give to kill themselves seem hard to understand. The problems of the four are not so hard, that they can not be solved.

Certainly there are also funny moments in the book, because of the language they use, but I think they use words like “fuck” in some parts a bit to often.

The four characters are very different and I think it is interesting to see how they try to deal with each other and how they try to solve their problems together. Also the end of the book is not to bad. The big wheel is a pretty symbol to show that the lives of the four people go on but they don’t know yet how. I think it is an end some people will think about.

To sum up my arguments I would say, if you got to know Hornby as a famous writer, you shouldn’t read “A long way down”. It was not the worst book I have read so far, but there were funnier and more exciting books I have read. I think I wouldn’t recommend it to my friends or other people.



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