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review “a long way down” by Benjamin Loschek May 14, 2007

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A long way down is a very special, droll, impressive and also absorbing novel, written by Nick Hornby. The English writer (famous for his novels “About a boy”, “High Fidelity” or “31 Songs”) narrates in his last novel the story of 4 characters, who meet themselves on the top of a towerblock, certainly with the aim to commit suicide.

At first glance the story looks a little bit boring or lengthy, but this feelings dissappears site by site. Hornby shows with a lot of humor, how the 4 Persons start a friendship and try to solve there own problems without the solution of suicide. There is Jess a 18 years old girl, determent by the suicide of her sister. Her strange character, the using of dirty slang words and also her rude style give the novel a healthy spice. Also JJ, who was kicked out of his own band and thought that suicide is a good way to end the own life, like a rockstar, plays an important role. Martin, who was a TV moderator, who had sex with a 15-years old girl and Maureen, a mother of a disabled sun complete the circle of characters. The story includes many funny situations, and the story continues very well. The only downer is, that the novel has a happy end, which does not match to the impressive and also dramaticly story.

Benjamin Loschek



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