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Review: A long way down May 14, 2007

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A long way down by Nick Hornby; Paperback ; Penguin fiction; 260 pages; US $ 7,80

Nick Hornby´s novel “A long way down” is about four different-aged people, who want to commit suicide on New Years Eve. The main characters Maureen, Jess, JJ and Martin meet on the roof of “Toppers House”, which is a well-known spot for suiciders. In the course of the story Hornby deals with the different destinies of the characters and their way to deal with the topic suicide.

I think there are some positive and some negative aspects in the novel, but the bad aspects trump the good ones. The topic and the different reasons for suicides are very interesting and sometimes there is somekind of sympathy. The book was said to be funny, but the funny parts are very tiny and hard to understand. It is very cumbering to read about bad mood all the time, because the thoughts of the characters are sometimes stupid and irreproducible. The storyline of the book is also very stupid, the fact that 4 people, who do not really like each other go on vacation together and meet again and again is hard to understand and in my opinion unrealistic. The characters are very strange, sometimes  intransparent and in real life they would not become friends,because they are to different. And I could not imagine that their situation as such could be a reason for a friendship.

All in all I would not advise to read the book, because in my opinion it is very irksome to read about strange characters, strange plot and bad mood all the time. So if you want to read a funny and exciting book I would suggest to take another one, because this book contains  none of these points.



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