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review May 14, 2007

Posted by jenny5 in Reviews.

The main idea of the book from Nick Hornby ”A Long Way Down” is, that four people, Martin (a tv-presenter,slept with a 15-year old girl and looses his family, as a result of that), Maureen (a single-mum with a disabled son), Jess (left from her boyfriend and don’t know exactly why) and JJ (left by his girlfriend and his ”career” as a musician is over), met accidentally on a tower block, to commit suicide. But after a little conversation they decided not to kill themselves and went downstairs to search Jess’s ex-boyfriend. At this moment the ”journey” of the four begins and they started to spend their time together. And decided to meet again on the tower block.

The main thought of the book seems to be funny…but at the moment the four walking downstairs I think the book begins to be not that interesting. First it’s really unrealistic, that four people met on a tower block with the same aim : to commit suicide. But more unrealistic seems to me that the four decided not to kill themselves because they talked to each other and want to search Jess’s ex-boyfriend. But thats not the only thing, I think, that is unrealistic in this book… the characters seems to me not authentic and also you can not identify with them, besides Maureen she is the only one with a acceptable reason for committing suicide and you really believe everything she is talking about. Jess, the rude girl, I think is exaggerated cool and you don’t believe that she is only 18. Than there is Martin, the strange TV-presenter, the way he is talking about his life and his career I think is some kind of depressing. At last there is JJ he’s also some kind of strange, because I don’t think that he really wants to be a rockstar, as the way he’s talking about and because of the fact he gave up so fast. I don’t know but when I was reading the book I felt some kind of boring. And all in all I have to say I never was a big reader, only if a book fascinates me I can read it until the end and concentrate the whole time. Maybe it was only not my type of book I like to read. But if you want to form you an own opinion I think you have to read it on your own…



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