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May 14, 2007

Posted by subone in Reviews.

A review on Nick Hornby’s „A long way down“


A Long Way Down by Nick Hornby; Paperback; Penguin; 2006; 272 pages; GE € 7.49


The book A Long Way Down by Nick Hornby is about four very different people, who try to commit suicide on New Year’s Eve. They meet each other on the top of a tower-block. After a long time full of hesitation they decide to affiliate to a group. The gang includes Jess, a young and fairly cheeky girl, Martin, a typical television-presenter with a bad fore-time, Maureen, an older woman with a disabled child and JJ, a music fanatic and an ex-member of  an unknown rock band. The purpose of this special group is to discover the worth to live. In the next few months they experience a lot of things and try to stick together.

The curiosity of this story is outstanding. But I like reading the novel. Hornby uses this special way of telling the story. All characters talk in an interior monologue and tell the story out of their own experiences. Sometimes it is not easy to follow, but it`s very interesting to read the novel from different points of view. I also like the characters in the book. The four people are completely different. All of them have a certain reason for committing suicide. The way how the characters react to each other is sometimes a little bit suprising. Dirty words, allusions to famous songs and serious sentences are shared all over the novel. But i like the authenticity of the characters. They act very natural and not like only playing a role.

To sum up, Nick Hornby’s latest book A Long Way Down is great. This very book leaves me very contemplative. But thats a good sign. I recommend the novel to all people who are able to understand the very special behaviour of the different characters. For all of you who like funny stories this book isn’t the right choice. Sometimes it seems to be funny but mostly it’s only gallows humour. Enjoy it…


Paul Müller



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