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musical references “A long way down” / abstract by Benjamin Loschek and Maria(nne) Wackernagel May 13, 2007

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The Cure

The Cure are a successful English rock band, which was formed in 1976 as “The Easy Cure”. The band was one of the leading pioneers of the British alternative rock in the 1980. The look of the band leader is characteristic for their musical style. He has wild hair, a pale face and smudged lipstick.

musical reference (page 45)

JJ thought about the song “In Between Days”, which is from The Cure. In this scene Jess phones all her friends to find out where Chas is and all help her. The four characters are in the situation, that they don’t know wheater they should kill themselves or not and the song describes such a situation in which people don’t know which decision is the right one.


R.E.M. is an American rock band, which was formed in Georgia in the early 1980 as “Twisted Kites”. In the 1980 they released one album per year for seven years and along their way their sound influenced many other bands.

musical reference (page132)

In this scene JJ speaks about the angel story on his point of view and at the end he remembers the time to years ago. The manger of R.E.M. came to see his band and asked wheater they would be managed by his company but they said, that they were happy with what they had.

Now, JJ misses his band and he thinks if he had accepted the offer, he would have felt better today.

JJ´s Band

JJ´s band included 4 persons. The first name of their band was “big pink” but later, the changed their name into “big yellow”, because one of the bandmembers thoght, that pink is a color, which represent´s gays. Members were Billy (he was the drummer) and Jesse (he was the bassist) an, of course JJ, the singer. The band was for JJ a band of friends an he enjoyed to have been a part of it. JJ compare his old band with the situation of Maureen, Jess, JJ and Martin.

Kurt Cobain

Kurt Cobain was the singer of the famous “grunche-rock” band “Nirvana”. He was famous for his strange character. In his childhood he had problems with his health, for example with his stomach or with his head (migrane). In his early youth he was confronted with suicide, because 3 of his oncle´s comitted suicide. Later he started to take drugs and since 1990 he was addicted to heroin, of course to allay pain. He started many therapy´s but ended these with no success. At the 5th april he commited suicide. He shot hisself with a shotgun in his head. In his blood there was a triple overdose of heroin in connection with a lot of painkillers. This suicide is very famous in the history of music. It is not very strange, that Cobain comitted suicide, because suicide played a big role in his life, an that is a close connection to the novel “A long way down”






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