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Review of Hornby’s A Long way down May 11, 2007

Posted by knuffelmock in Reviews.

A Long Way Down by Nick Hornby; Paperback; Riverhead Trade; Reprint edition (May 2, 2006); 352 pages; US $ 11.20

A book about 4 people that want to commit suicide and meet accidentally and then decide to give their life’s a second chance till Valentines day. The characters are all unique and hard to feel along. There is Martin, a breaktfast-tv moderator that had an affair with an 15-year old girl. Maureen, the good soul of the book, believing and burdened with an disabled son. Jess, the annoying, cocky, somehow freaky, avaricious, shameless, etc. You could continue this list endless. JJ, the cool american guy, he wanted to be a rockstar but failed. There are not many highlights in this book, it is just an list of how the characters do not develope.

The book is said to be amusing but you have to take your microscope to find this little funny parts. Most of the time your just confronted with the bad mood of the characters and everytime you wonder why they stay together all the time. It is just unbelievable that these people hold together. The characters as such are really hard to understand, it is not easy to go into them and think why do they do this and that. The story leads from one event to another, their journey seems like Hornby throw a dart on a globe to decide where his next chapter is set. The narrating point of view changes after each chapter, one of the four characters speaks each time and every character has its own speach which makes the whole thing a bit confusing to understand and I did not quite like it. To end his story Hornby chose an open end, I do not quite like open ends and here you just think that they will kill themselves just as the books ends.

I strongly recommend not to read this book, it is just bland and the story and characters seem just like picked from a big fuss of mixed emotions and personalities. If you still want to give it a try prepare some coffee because you will need it.



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