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SCREENPLAY page 13 – 17 MARTINS PART May 9, 2007

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Camera is fixed on the entrance of the building and maureen arrives from left and goes inside while the camera is zooming in. After disappearing maureen, JJ comes with his moped from the right site and takes some pizza from it and enters, too. The camera tracks vertical up belong the fassade of the building and the happenings behind the windows are visuable while the camera is moving up continuous. In one of the windows you can see Jess how she is lefting a party. The camera is moving on until the top of toppers house and you can see Martin sitting right at the abbyss with a cigarette in the one hand and a bottle of whisky in the other and Maureen arrives in the background. First the camera is focussed on Martins face and then it switches in the background to Maureen.


I know you.

Martin turns around scared.


What the f*ck?! I don´t know you, why the hell should you know me?




From the television.



Oh for Christs Sake, I was about to kill myself, but never mind, there is always time for an autograph. Have you got a pen or a bit of paper? And before you ask, she´s a right bitch who will snort anything and f*ck anybody.


I don´t want an autograph, I was… I was going to jump too. I wanted to borrow your ladder.

Martin (confused)

Of course, be my guest.

Maureen (hesitent)

Ok, I´ll wait until… Well, I´ll wait.


So you´re just going to stand there and watch?

Maureen (enraged)

No. Of course not. You´ll be wanting to do it on your own. I´d imagine.


You´d imagine right.

Maureen (looks around)

I´ll go over there.

Camera focus on Maureen. Maureen walks directly to the camera with an insecure look. She arrives and turns around to Martin. He still sits on the edge.

Martin (with a funny sound)

I´ll give you a shout on the way down. (he laughs) Come on, that was not a bad gag. In the circumstances.

Maureen (don´t laughs)

I suppose I´m not on the mood, Mr. Sharp.

Martin looks down to the street and his face shows that he is thinking about something. After a while a resignation and he stands up with a shirty sigh.






1. knuffelmock - May 9, 2007

You can easily imagine the situation with the camera commands that are given here. I think that this is a good sreenplay.

2. resel - May 9, 2007

You gave very detailed information on the camera movement. Your idea with the camera at the beginning is great as it introduces all the characters in a very interesting way. You are not the only one who had some problems with the structure of the script but as I already said – it’s not very easy here.

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