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tabloids in Britain May 3, 2007

Posted by martn in Tabloids.

What is a tabloid?

A tabloid is a small size newspaper, with large headlines, short articles and big pictures. Most of them are free. The content treats a lot of sensational topics like crime,  scandals of celebreties, the everyday – life of politicians and other stuff like that. Very often you can find naked girls in the tabloids. So the topic of sexuality is also touched.(e.g. The Sun “page 3 girls”)

Examples for Tabloids

The Sun

  • is published in UK and Republic of Ireland
  • has the highest circulation of any daily English-language newspaper in the world
  • standing at 3,107,412 copies daily
  • political allegiance: Right-Wing, Nationalist and Populist
  • The paper is always on the lookout for celebrities in trouble or scandal.
  • often it uses pictures taken by paparazzispan.
  • and there’s a so called „Page Three Girl“ on the third page who is naked
  • The Star

  • was a London evening newspaper and was founded in 1788, now it is defunct.
  • today it’s the „Daily Star”
  • political allegiance: Right-Wing
  • This paper is best known for focussing on stories around celebrities, sport, news and gossip about popular television programmes, such as soap operas and reality TV shows.
  • And there is a copy of the „Page Three Girl” of „The Sun” newspaper and has discovered some models, who are known in the paper as „Starbabes”.
  • The Daily Express

  • The Daily Express is a conservative, British tabloid newspaper.
  • was founded in 1900
  • it was one of the first newspapers to carry gossip, sports and women’s features and the first newspaper in Britain, which had got a crossword
  • The Daily Mail

  • published in 1986 and is the most popular daily paper after The Sun
  • political allegiance: right-wing
  • 1million copies were published at one day
  • Its chief rival, the Daily Express, has a similar political stance and target audience but sells fewer than half as many copies.
  • The Daily Mirror..

  • ,which is the only British national paper to have consistently supported the Labour Party since 1945.
  • Readership in general:

    Are people who are more uneducated then the others.
    Especially young readers, who aren’t interested in policy and science.
    All the economic and serious topics are to boring for them so they don’t read quality newspapers.

    Economic Aspects:

    The use of the tabloids is kind of high and is good for the economy, cause the majority of people isn’t that educated, so they won’t buy quality newspapers. They prefer sensational newspapers like the tabloids, so the economy earns a lot more money with it, then with the other newspapers. The economy uses the privat live of people e.g. celebrities and every scandal for it own advantage. The tabloids also give an opinion about sth, with the help of their articles, so the readers overtake the opinion of the article and that brings a lot of advantages for the newspaper, because now they have the majority of the public on their site but actually a newspaper has to be neutral, so the reader can build his/her own opinion.




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