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My “bad-mood-songs” March 27, 2007

Posted by gruelli in Music is a healer :-).

It is no question that for JJ music plays a special role in his life, actually it is his life. He talks about Nick Drake and his songs which are so emotional and true that they can help you a lot, especially when you think it is all over.

I can imagine that just like JJ everybody feels more or less often in their lives. When you are absolutely down and think that nothing has a sense anymore. And I believe that music is a very common, and by the way effective way to deal with such emotional situations – this is in fact what music is for: to express and deal with emotions.

I for myself am used to listen to music in the most different emotional situations. When I am in a bad mood and don’t feel like anything I usually listen to two of my favourite songs: “Out of the dark” and “Jeanny”. This might sound a little bit weird because these two songs aren’t really songs which express feelings like melancholy or sadness, they rather increase the feeling of hopelessness and giving up. It is strange but it somehow helps me when I am unhappy. My “bad-mood-songs” are from the scandal-singer Falco. “Out of the dark” is about death – maybe even about suicide – you can never know… – while “Jeanny” deals in a more than questionable way with a rape. Both songs are about dark and cruel issues and especially “Jeanny” makes me think a lot about life and death. It is not that I think of killing myself, it is more like I can forget my problems for a while during lying in my bed eating chocolate and listening to these two Falco-songs. I build up strenght again in some way, which helps a lot. Furthermore I like them so much for his songs and Falco himself will always remain mysterious and crazy somehow – maybe just as life is.



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