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Newspaper article: Martin Sharp saw angel on Toppers’ House March 25, 2007

Posted by resel in Newspaper articles.

LONDON, January 6 – Over 5000 suicides are committed per year in the United Kingdom. Being the tenth most common cause of death, the UK has one of the highest suicide rates in Europe. Nonetheless it remains a taboo subject which is hardly ever mentioned.

Now television presenter Martin Sharp brings his involvement in a suicide pact before the public. His final assertion of having seen an angel up on the roof has the unexpected effect of turning suicide into the center of attention in the media.

Martin Sharp made headlines in Britain for another reason two years ago, when his underage sexual intercourse with a fifteen-year-old came out. He was sentenced to go to prison and lost his job at his breakfast TV show “Rise and Shine with Penny and Martin”.

On New Year’s Eve, on the roof of the well-known suicide spot Toppers’ House in London, Martin Sharp and three other people decided to end their lifes by jumping off the tower block. Among them the Junior Minister of Education’s daughter Jess Crichton. Her sister Jennifer Crichton disappeared three years ago and hasn’t ever been heard of since.

Faced with death the four of them claimed having seen an angel just when they were about to go over the edge. “We heard this voice behind us,” said Jess Crichton in a statement reflecting on the situation. Asked what the angel looked like she responded by noting that he reminded her of film star Matt Damon. Moreover, she said that he was hovering above the ground, blurred and transparent whereas Martin Sharp simply described him as “awesome”.

Yet his outward appearance was not the most impressive thing about him. According to the four of them the angel not only came down to keep them from going over but also to generally spread a “message of comfort and joy”, including the expression of God’s discontentment over war and conflicts on earth.

Not only for lack of proofs it is in doubt what actual purposes underlie those statements. The advantage, however, of having shined a spotlight on an issue that needs way more attention is uncontentious.



1. Poo poo head. - March 4, 2008

Cool, Im doing a project on this book too where I have to do the exact same thing as you did. I might steal some of your stuff. đŸ˜›

2. delightful schoolmaster - March 4, 2008

Thanks! Great that you like our work. Feel free to use it as an inspiration – and give our students some credit when doing so đŸ™‚

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