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EastEnders March 21, 2007

Posted by karlinchen in East Enders.

“Britain is a nation of soap arctophiles!!” (Melanie C)

Maybe this is the cause why there are so many daily soaps in British television.

“EastEnders”, which is one of the highest-rated TV programme in British television, is one of them.

The first episode has been broadcasted on 19th February 1985 and now there are 4 episodes (length 30 minutes) every week and additionally an omnibus edition on Sunday afternoons.

The said “EastEnders” are people who live and work in the so-called Albert Square in the East End of London. The most important but also only places there are houses, the pub, the supermarket and some different companies.

Like actually every other dailysoap, too, the series deals with pleasures and problems of each sort of people, and with its more than 50 characters there are never too few conflicts…

All in all the soap is very popular because the viewers especially like the serious topics of the episodes. Most of them can handle issues like child abusing, drug addiction and violence easier since they watch it.

In contrast to those people there are the ones who extremely dislike “EastEnders” because of the vulgar language (e.g. prevelant using of the F-Word) and also the unrealistic way of life in those soaps.

But everyone has to form his own opinion about this kind of TV programmes.

In the novel “A long way down” you can definitely find a relation to “EastEnders” at Maureen. She’s the only one who mentions it sometimes.

She watchs it because she thinks that children in Matties age would watch it, and also because she wants to be like the people in those soaps sometimes. The characters there always know what to say in ANY situation, and Maureen also wants to..



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