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Comment_:_Do I owe my parents something? March 21, 2007

Posted by martn in Assignments.

In Nick Hornby’s – “A long ways down” one character called Jess, said: “Anyway, I do not owe Mum and dad anything.” (p.143). Now the question is, if children owe their parents something. In my point of view, the kids don’t owe their parents material things but fondness and that they parents know, that they know, that their kids are good grown up.

Naturally it was the decision or wish of mommy and daddy to get a little sweet baby. To educate children costs money, time, nerves and many sympathy, that is the price for “I want to get a baby”. Therefor the parents can not demand something from their children.

It is nice to look at a baby, that is growing up and the parents have to spend a lot of money and time with the children, but my opinion is, that when the kids leave home and design their own life, they don’t owe their parents something, cause it was the decision of them to get a child.
On the other hand children owe their parents something, nothing material but a kind of assistance when the parents are older and senile.



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