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Comment March 21, 2007

Posted by jenny5 in Comments.

Do kids owe their parents anything or nothing?

First of all Parents have to prepare their children for their later life. They should educate them and teach them how to behave in public and in life generally. Also they should give them love and security. And if they do it in a right way and if the children feels good and comfortable, I think the kids owe a lot to their parents because they bring them on a good way for their later life.

But if something went wrong in the education of the children, maybe the parents could not pay them enough attention, because they have to work all the time or something like that, or didn’t love them enough or some other bad things, the kids will be affected for their whole life. Because there was something that they was missing, like love and protection…and so I think they have to owe their parents nothing.

All in all I think it depends on the quality how parents educate their children, if kids owe their parents anything or not.



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