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Comment on the question “Do children own their parents anything?” March 21, 2007

Posted by knuffelmock in Comments.

Do children own there parents anything is an interesting question because it is quite a big problem, that is not discussed that much. Do children have to pay for the love, education, food, etc. they have got from their parents ? In my opinion children do not own their parents anything.

         First of all children are raised by there parents either in a good or in a bad way. This can be important because good children are more likely to accept that they own their parents something. But children should not own their parents something because parents decide on their own if they want to have children or not. If people decide not to have children then no one has something to own them.

Of course one could say that children gave them their life, which is a great gift. But no one should claim compensation for a gift. If you give a tramp one dollar or something then you would not expect a compensation. So you should not expect one from one of your children. Maybe you did raised them good enough so they do it on their own.

All in all children really should not be charged with an compensation for their parents, because it is the parents free will to have or not to have children and so the children should not be blamed with the consequences from the decisions of their parents.



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