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comment on Jess’ opinion maria March 21, 2007

Posted by benchi in Comments.

I want to comment Jess’ statement “Anyway, I don’t owe mum and dad anything.”, from my own point of view. Many children think that they don’t owe their parents anything, when they are eighteen, because they are adult and can do everything that they want to do.

First of all, I think that everybody owes his parents something, because most parents do so much for their children and they should give something back. Many parents help their children to find the right way for their live and they shouldn’t forget that.

Furthermore I must say that parents also pay their children’s education, hobbies and their whole live, because of that the children owe their parents something.

By contrast, many parents be very strong and punish their children, but you shouldn’t forget that they only want the best for their children. Surely it is very hard to accept this but your parents are your parents everytime.

All in all I can say that you shouldn’t forget that parents want always the best for their children even if they are sometimes very strong. You should accept your parents how they are and not try to change them. If they are old you also should help them and maybe forget your conflicts, because your parents also always helped you.



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