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comment on Jess opinion (by Vladimir) March 21, 2007

Posted by enterpr1ze in Comments.

On the page 143, Jess said that she “did not owe mum and dad anything”. And this statement gives us a lot of information to think about. The question is for what reason, we , children, owe our parents so much? Maybe it is only because they gave us possibility to live and enjoy this life? Maybe a lot of people think so, but I do not. I do not speak about respect. Respect is a little bit other.

All parents have their very own reasons to have children. Some parents simple do not want to be alone, some want to make money from the government , and some wants to leave something after them… In all this situations parents think only about themselves. And only if these people can give their children enough attention, good education and, most important, all their love, only in that case can they hope that their children do not forget about them and give them their love back.

And jess´ example is very good, as I can say it, for this problem. Her parents do not give her at least one of these 3 components. And what we see ? She hates her father and mom, who were for her only like a bank with money. Money is good, but money cannot exchange love.

All in all I want to say that it is not enough to be a parent to have children´s love, but you have to be good parents for you son or daughter.



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