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Comment on ‘I don’t owe my parents anything’ March 21, 2007

Posted by gruelli in Comments.

Probably in every teenager-life there are some moments where you have the feeling that there is nothing that holds you on living with your parents anymore. It is a difficult question to answer whether a child owes his or her parents anything – either money or justify.

First of all it is a fact that your parents – at least in most cases – were always there for you. It is their duty to care for their child and make sure that it has everything to have a good life. It would be logical that you as a child have to be thankful for what they did. I can’t imagine that parents want there children to pay back everything they have ever spend, but in my opinion it is your duty to tell your parents would you do – as a sign of gratefulness. Because it is obviously that parents only want the best for their child. Nevertheless in a normal parent-child-relation it should be no matter if a child owes their parents something since love is the only thing that parents could expect from their children and the guarentee that a child will always be there for their parents. Although everybody sometimes forgets what their parents ever did for them, you should always remember that they offered you a good life. In contrast to that there are special situations in which this ‘normal’ connection between parents and their children does not work like this and some kids are neglected there are certain circumstances in which the better way would be to live your life for your own.

All in all I think children do owe their parents something. But not exactly what they have given to them but only to be there for them if they need them. It is false to think that you have no commitments towards your parents for they have them also the whole life for you.



1. Logor - April 21, 2008

In my opinion, children will know how much they owe to their parents when they become fathers.

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