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Comment by Marlen March 21, 2007

Posted by lenchen in Comments.

Many people think that parents should give their children nearly everything. But from my point of view children also should give something back.

First of all parents are those persons in our lives who do a lot for their children. They work hard to earn enough money to finance our school, meal, clothes, hobbies and to do something very interesting with us. But they also give us love, security and educate us to our personalities. So we owe them a lot and in my opinion it is our obligation as children to do something for them, too. Helping them and showing them that you love them too is the least you can do. All in all I could say that it is wrong to say that we do not owe our parents anything because from the beginning of our lives until we life at their houses our parents are the most meaningful people who give everything that they have for us and we have to be thankful.



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