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Comment by Eva March 21, 2007

Posted by karlinchen in Comments.

Parents bring their children up, feed them and support them in every situation. They earn money just to make a good future possible for them. But does that mean that the children owe their parents anything?

I think this is a complicated question. Sure, just because the parents give most of their money to us children and do everything for our future we aren’t forced to give anything back to them. But in my opinion it’s just an ethical thing that you don’t turn away from your parents as soon as you aren’t dependent on them anymore.

But there is always the question if your parents treat you right or if they treat you impolite or even brutalize you.

Finally you can say that if your parents afford an enjoyable childhood to you, then it’s not overcharged to visit them sometimes or phone them once a week at least.

To sum up the question if we owe our parents anything everybody has to answer by him- or herself. What seems clear is that it can’t be such a problem to let them know that they mean something to you (if they do…) and also show it, even if just because they are a part of you.



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