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Comment March 21, 2007

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They bring you up, they care for you – parents. There is a time in life when children ask themselves wether they owe their parents something or not. Just as one of the characters of the novel “A long way down”. Jess in contrast to many people feels absolutely not tied to hers: “I don’t owe Mum and Dad anything. ” She gives many reasons for this, whereas she reflects on her relation to her parents but also includes her thoughts on what her sister Jen could have felt, as she rather feels tied and related to her inspite of their differences.

The main problem she has is that she absolutely does not confirm to the expectations her parents have. Her father is a junior minister of Education and thus would love his children to be perfect. But Jess in particular is quite the opposite. She isn’t good at school, she doesn’t love reading books nor is she someone to have complicated discussions with. Jess once states that Jen fulfilled all those propects. But nonetheless she as well seemed to have many problems and unexpectedly couldn’t find a connection with her parents in that very situation. Just like Jess.

If you think about killing yourself you probably also think about the persons close to you, wether this can be justified. But Jess never had those thoughts about her parents, which proves her distance to them one more time. Obviously it’s that distance among other things that makes Jess feel like she does not owe her parents anything.

Since this book is written through the eyes of the first-person-narrator it is a little bit difficult to judge wether Jess’s statement is justified but as a matter of fact there have to be some conflicts within this familiy because Jess is not the only one who feels that desperate.



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