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March 21, 2007

Posted by bennifo in Comments.

Children often say, that they don´t owe their parents anything. Jess has the same opinion, because she thinks that her parents haven´t done anything for her. Now I want to comment this statement on my own point of view.

In my point of view children owe their parents a lot, because these are the persons, who “give us our life” and who earn the money for our meals, clothes and our housing.

Secondly they grow us up and make us to that what we are now. Our whole behaviour and our appearance is the work of our parents education. Most parents try to help their children to find the right way, to assure that they live a good and happy life.

By contrast I think that children, who created their own life without their parents help didn´t owe their parents a lot, only the thing that they are alive. Even if your parents are very hard, you have to accept them, because they want the best for you and you have to remember, that your parents are always your parents and you could not change them.

All in all you can say children owe their parents a lot,because they always try to do the best for their children and so the children should pay something back. Even if you do not like your parents and they do not support you all the time you should remember, that they are a part of you.



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