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comprehensive vs. public schools March 13, 2007

Posted by bennifo in Background, comprehensive vs public schools.

Public schools

A public school is a independent secondary school, which is not run by the
government. It is somekind of school where the parents pay for their childrens
education. Public schools are selective schools and the entrance exam is taken at the age of 11 for girls and at the age of 13 for boys. Today 7% of the children in the UK go to such independent schools.

Comprehensive schools

Comprehensive schools are secondary schools, which took all the children in the local area regardless of their ability. They are the most common type of school in England. That is the reason why 90% of the pupils are educated at comprehensive schools.

References to the novel

Jess goes to a comprehensive school. Her dad is the minister for education and that is the reason why it is so ironic that he does not send his daughter to a public school. So we could explain why Martin said: “Very admirable and all, sending her to the local comprehensive. But, you know. You get what you pay for. And you even got a bit less than that.” With that statement he wanted to make Jess’ character clear and he means that the reason why she is so rude is going to the comprehensive school, because those schools have a bad reputation.
Comprehensive schools- Pros:

– everybody gets the chance of education

– no costs

– unacceptable to select children on the age of 14

– different social classes meet each other … important for their future


– big classes … bad results

– very bad reputation

Public schools- Pros:

– good care and individual support

– the best educated teachers

– smaller classes…better results

– good reputation


– costs a lot of money

– are selective

– only contacts with the ruling class

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