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Suicide in Britain March 12, 2007

Posted by Daniel in Suicide in Britain.

19000 people attempt suicide. There are over 5000 suicides per year and one every 82 minutes. It is the tenth most cause of death in the UK. So Britain has one of the biggest rates of Europe.

Reasons for suicide

Common“ causes:

  • a serious loss – like loosing your job, house or money
  • bullying – bullied by a co-worker, boss, neighbour, wife
  • a serious illness
  • chronic physical pain
  • emotional pain
  • break up of a relationship
  • etc.

There are lots of causes for people who commit suicide. The most common reasons we are able to find are in normal life. We find social causes at home and we discover other problems at work, like bullying or a dismissal. In general we have also reasons for committing suicide in our off-time or we find some in our relationship. The suicide-thing is not so far away as we think because it’s very close to the ordinary life.

Especially teenagers are at risk. Often they take problems to serious and use a little trouble like stress at home or in school as the motive to stop their life. They feel hopeless and so their short reaction is suicide.

But there is a difference between men and women. Women often have a bit different reasons for killing themselves. And men are more serious referable to the techniques they use. Suicide is a big problem and it’s important for all of us.

especially for teenagers:

  • they only see the „here and now“
  • think problems will go on for ever
  • don’t believe that anyone can help them
  • problems at school, at home
  • break up a relationship
  • social struggles



Social background

General facts
Jobless people have higher rates than employed, but also in special classes of jobs e.g. lawyers, doctors and policemen are high rates. The most important cause is social isolation by a dead husband/wife or a divorced marriage. Married people got the lowest risk to attempt suicide.

Immigrants/asylum seekers
A special background is being an immigrant or asylum seeker. They get desperate, sad and depressed if they are arrested in special asylum “prisons”. Because of the bad circumstances they are suffering and get drifted into death.

Races and suicide

The rates of suicides are influenced by the culture and race too. Asian women are commit suicide three times more often than white women because of their culture pressures. On the other hand young white men in the UK are more vulnerable than young Asian guys. Since 1970 the number of the suicides of black people increases very fast.

Suicide and sexuality
Another background is the sexuality of a person. Gays and lesbians are often desperate because of sexual harassment and loneliness. They were suppressed because there is no law in the UK against sexual discrimination.


Question of Age

Young people
Each day 2 people under the age of 24 are killing themselves and there are about 800 successful suicides per year. Suicide is the second most common cause of death after accidents in traffic and spare time. Young girls often only attempt suicide.

Older people
Have the highest rates of suicide. They are feeling hopeless and guilty for the problems of the younger generations. You can say that the suicide rate increases with the age.

Recent developments

At 7th of July 2005 terrorists hit the public transport system of London. Seven bombs exploded during the rush hour and killed 56 people. The reason of the strike was to make the people attentive for their religious problems.

How does society deal with this serious problem?

  • many incidents are reported in TV, in newspapers, magazines, etc.
  • first reaction = astonishment, incomprehension
  • but there are a few organisations – they try to erase the problems
  • especially at school – must be prepared to deal with the problem

the students must be protected

  • very important problem in our society
  • lots of people only look away
  • the aim for the future is to decrease the high suicide rate

Lots of suicide incidents are reported in TV, radio, newspapers or the internet. The first reaction people make if they see such incidents are astonishment and incomprehension. But there are a few organisations for suicide which are trying to solve those problems. They help people who are at risk but also people who are survivors of a suicide incident.

For schools it’s very important to deal with this big topic and to protect young students.

That implies that teachers have to speak freely about the problem. Only than we are able to erase it or to decrease the high suicide rate.

Link to “A Long Way Down”

  • Jess: she wants to have attention and only attempts it –> she is the typical young girl
  • Maureen: she is isolated because of Matty and also in the older group of people
  • Martin: he is divorced, isolated by the community and is unhappy about his life
  • JJ: he is a young guy who is very bad paid, has bad circumstances and left school early

















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