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Who is JJ? February 25, 2007

Posted by flusi in Uncategorized.

He was once in a rockband in America but they haven´t got so much fans and unfortunately they had to stop playing music because there was enough of money. A little bit after the breakup of his band he has got to know a women from england and he fell in love with her. Afterwards he´ve been gone with her to England. That sounds very good and he seemed to be lucky but after a while they split up and he stayed in England.

JJ speaks American English and you don´t need to know that before meeting him, you hear it after the first two words. He got long hair (I don´t know if it´s blonde or black or whatever) and he appears like a rockstar with a leatherjacket but you wouldn´t expect that he loves books. He reads every book that comes in his hands and consistent with his bandcareer he logically loves music. In every situation he is thinking about a song that would compare to it.



1. knuffelmock - February 28, 2007

The text is nice so far but one sentence is confusing me. “[…]because there was enough of money.” I did not know that they stopped because they had to much money, maybe just a mistake. Parts about his relationship to the others are missing and also why he wants to postpone suicide. Also I could not find any straight information why JJ wanted to commit suicide.

2. olik - March 16, 2007

First, I didn’t find anithing about that his band didn’t have enough money. I like your characterisation, but there is nothing about his reason for suicide and his relationships with the other characters.

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