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Maureen #1 February 25, 2007

Posted by jenny5 in Characters, Maureen.

Maureen is a mittle-aged single-mum. Her son Matty is profoundly retarted, he can’t speak and probably even not realize Maureen. She only had one time in her life intercoursed with a man – Frank, he is the father of Matty. Since Matty was born Maureen said her life has stopped and would never change. Because she has to pay Matty all of her attention and can’t do anything else in her life. She says that her biggest wish is that Matty is going to die. Maybe that sounds very hard, but also it shows her desperation. She thinks that her life is wasted and she wants to be like all the other happy people around her but she can’t because of Matty and that is the reason for her wanting to commit suicide. Maureen goes to church every sunday, but only because she is afraid of what other people would say if she doesn’t. That shows that Maureen worries about what people could think about her. Maureen seems to be a very shy and reserved woman and also not very selfconfident, because she doesn’t talk that much and if she says anything she seems to be very doubtful. She wishes that she could explain herself better and be able to show more emotions. She also doesn’t tell anything from herself and has to be asked by the others for her reasons of wanting to commit suicide. Maureen makes herself a picture of the other 3 characters, but does not speak out loudly what she is thinking about them. But her point of view shows that she is a bit old-fashioned, for example she hates slang and she does not know Martin Sharp, a famous tv presenter. All in all I think Maureen is a very friendly person and liked by all the others.



1. enterpr1ze - March 16, 2007

Quite good ,but little bit short and you have some structure problems. Try to use more connective words.
And do you really think that:
“Maureen goes to church every sunday,… because she is afraid of what other people would say if she doesn’t. That shows that Maureen worries about what people could think about her.” ?
I think religion played a big part of her poor life and she did not really care about what other people thinking about her… But it is only my opinion… Think about it =)

2. patricia - August 21, 2007

definately moureen doesn’t go to church because she is afraid of wat
other people think of her, instead like any other person she is only trying to get a solution to her problems.I think you (jenny5) are just not religious and Moureen is another poor gal trying to put her life straight,she deserves the marks for that.

3. Manuel - February 21, 2008

I like your characterization. It provides a quite good impression of Maureen and how she would be. But in some parts of your text I missed some connective words and I couldn’t find a real structure in your characterization. Furthermore there are some inaccurate points but all in all its still a good characterization.
You write mostly about Maureen and her realtionship to Matty and to other people. But you didn’t give any detailed information about her social background. This could help to follow your argumentation.
Then you would have noticed that Maureen doesn’t swear because of her religion. I think age plays also a big role concerning her education at this point.
I liked the way you described her way of thinking and that this leads to her wish to commit suicide.
For your next characterization you should focus on a systematical structure. This leads the reader through the characterization. Going from the outer appearance to the inner qualities.
How do you think about Maureen’s values, did they change in the end? This would be a well ending for your characterization.
You could have included much more adjectives which make a characterization livly and helps to unterstand the character of Maureen.
But there are not only critic points in your text.
You tried to analyse some habits of her, for example her church visits. Even if your conclusion didn’t fit perfectly it is a good start. I would think that Maureen sees the church as last help for her. But this failed and led her to the suicide thoughts.
Your end is rather quickly. There could be an overall conclusion about Maureen and her character.
All in all you wrote a quite good characterization, depsite some stuctural and comprehensional problems.

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