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Jess part one February 25, 2007

Posted by benchi in Characters, Jess.


Jess is an eighteen-year-old girl with family problems. She doesn’t have real friends. Jess makes friends very easily but then she pisses them off. She is also a person, who doesn’t think too much about that what other people think about her and she says everything that comes to her mind. Jess speaks very slangy and uses the f… word very often. Before New Years Eve she had split up with a guy called Chas. He broke her heart, because he didn’t say anything, he just went and Jess didn’t manage that he left her and because of that, she talks badly about him. Chas called Jess a stalker, because she phones him very often and writes him letters and emails. Because of that Jess got hurt, because she doesn’t think that you can call it stalking.

On New Years Eve she went to a party, because anybody said that Chas was there and she said that he owed her an explanation and she would feel better, if he gave her one. Before she got to Toppers-House, she never had any intention to commit suicide. She decided it very spontaneously. Jess is the most individual and outsidish caracter, but she seas the four people as a group at first. The other three caracters don’t want that Jess commit suicide, because she is too young. Jess has a sort of plan. She wants that they help her to find Chas and he and she would get back together and Jess would feel better. If Martin, Maureen and JJ would help her, she doesn’t want to commit suicide. That also shows that Chas played an important role in her life and it is very important for her to see him again and that he tells her why he left her.

Jess doesn’t have a very close relationship to one of the other three caracters, maybe because she doesn’t have respect of their feelings everytime and she talks in an aggressive way. The closest relationship, she has to Martin, because he hugged her one time. She is very grateful to JJ, because he found Chas and so Jess could speak with him. To Maureen, Jess doesn’t have a real relationship. At the beginning of the story, she was more aggressive than later. She can talk more sensible with the others, now.

Jess is a person, who is often very aggressive, angry and impolite and she express these feelings very strongly, but she has also a sensitive side, especially if somebody talks about Chas or her sister Jen, who is gone and nobody knows where she is and whether she still lives.



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