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Jess – Part One February 25, 2007

Posted by martn in Jess.

A little characterization of Jess:
Jess is an eighteen-year-old, very tactless and straight forward girl.

In her family were some problems and she doest’n have got real friends, maybe because she say things before she thought about it. Before New Years Eve she had a boyfriend called Chas, who left her without some kind of explanation and called her a stalker since she phoned him, rang more than one time on his door. Because of this not so brudent boy, she wants to commit suicide.

She talks very slangy, there you can see her social origin. The other characters dislike Jess, cause she always says what comes on her mind. Her favorite word is “f*ck”, which she uses in any paragraph. Sometimes she has some mental chunkings, in this situations she’s highly aggresive and angry and yell at the persons around her. I think Jess know herself, she know, that she’s hurting other people with her speech, with her diction.



1. Hendrik - February 21, 2008

I’ve read your little characterization of Jess and sensed it as a very informative one. You managed to bundle a lot of information and interpretation in these few words which is a proof of your fundamental knowlege about the character. You began with the basic information about her, and mentioned the main reasons for her wish of killing herself by jumping down from the top of Toppers House. But I think that Chas and his behavour is one important, but not the only reason for her wish of committing suicide. She also has, as you mentioned many problems with her family, her parents don’t like her very much and she often has some clash with them. You forgot to write something about her sister, that she disappeared mysteriously and Jess misses her and doesn’t know where she is. The clash with her family and the disappearance of her sister are two more important reasons for her wish to kill herself. I also disagree with your opinion that Jess’ slangy language is a hint for her social origin, because her dad is the junior minister of education which is a respectable job and contrasts the slangy language full of swearwords. In my eyes her usage of her language is an indication that she tries to delimit her self from her parents.

Nevertheless I like to thank you for your effort you have taken to publish knowlege-expanding information to the world.

2. John - February 21, 2008

Hi Martn, I’d like to write some addition to your characterization. At first I’ve to say that your characterization is very good. Because it’s short and exact, but I think because of the shortness some facts about her don’t come clear and somebody might misunderstand Jess’ character. An important fact about Jess which you should mention is that her sister died in a mysterious way. This is relevant to understand her behavior because it was a big change in her life and she has never really coped with her sister’s death. I think that is another factor for Jess to commit suicide.
Maybe her relationship to the other (main) characters should be studied more intensively. I don’t think that they really dislike her. Sometimes, especially at the beginning, they have many problems with Jess abnormal behavior. But in the progress of the story she sets up special relations to them. For example the part with Maureen when they go to Martin’s ex-wife to convince her to take him back. Maureen chose Jess for this and not JJ.
My last supplement to your characterization is about her social origin. I don’t think there is a link between her background and her way of speaking. Because she comes from an academic family (her father is a politician) and her way to talk is not very academic.

3. andreas bayer - February 21, 2008

Hi Martn

I’ve read your characterization about Jess. In my opinion you give a well overview about Jess´ character. I noticed some minor mistakes about Jess´ description. You wrote that Jess wanted to commit suicide because her boyfriend left her. This is not the only reason for her suicide attempt, there are also several other reasons, like the problems she has with her family or that Jess couldn’t deal with the fact that her sister disappeared under unknown circumstances.
Furthermore you’ve wrote that Jess uses slang because of her social origin.
Jess uses indeed slang, but this comes more likely from the people she hangs out and not her family, because her father is the junior minister of education.

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