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Martin – part one – by Paul Müller (subOne) February 23, 2007

Posted by subone in Characters, Martin.

Martin is a guy well-knowen by the chosen people who watch breakfast TV or read the everyday tabloids. He is this kind of a businessman who always wears suits and who has got this standard achormanhairstyle. Martin has two children but his ex-wife interdict the contact among him and their two girls, because of a bad incident: This famous morning-show moderator has had sexual intercourses with a fifteen-year-old. The consequences after this story were a big affair in the media and a imprisonment.

Martin made lots of bad mistakes in his life, but naturally he’s a very intelligent person, wich is able to put oneself in the position of somebody else. That shows his empathetic feature. He knows how to change his speech. To some persons he talks very slangly and totally different, but with some people he talks in a very exalted way. If we compare the parts he discourses with Jess to the parts he speaks with Maureen, we remark this big difference. Sometimes he interacts a bit rudely with Jess, due to the fact that he has two own girls and he doesn’t like it, if they are so unauthorized. Sometimes he seems to be in some kind of father’s role. With Maureen he has a special relation, becaus of her gentle character. She is nice and sensetiv and he misses this in his own life, but for him, she is way to old to start an affair with her. Martin and JJ aren’t best friends, but they accept each other in this “special gang”.

The cause for Martin to attempt suicid, was this “bad luck” story with this little girl, wich lie at him and told him she was eighteen. He thinks that he has to pay for that and so he tries to commit suicide.



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