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Martin (Part 1) – Daniel February 23, 2007

Posted by Daniel in Characters, Martin.

Martin is a middle-aged guy, who is well known by the public, because of his job at the breakfast TV and the newspaper reports about him and his affair with Penny Chambers. Before this affair he lived together with his ex-wife Cindy and his two children, who Martin never sees again, because Cindy forbade him. But he does not learn after his fault with Penny. He looks like a stereotype of an anchorman with his anchorman suite and hair. Because of his job as a TV presenter, he has a good vocabulary with very difficult words. But he also can switch his language to slang if he talks with Jess and the other characters at the roof. That is a fact, which affects to the reader that Martin is very intelligent and also can talk with every kind of people in a different way. He seems to be a rich man, who wants to live in the jet-set-society, because he has an appartment in a very nice neighbourhood called Islington, where people like Tony Blair were living.

To the other characters in the book he is friendly but sometimes also ruff, because he wants to rescue the younger ones, for example Jess, before their suicides. He also has some feelings for Maureen, but for him she is a little bit too old, so he can not talk about feeling love between him and her. I think that Martin is like a father for Jess, because he defends her before Chas and feels some kind of mercy for his situation. But he also abuses her sometimes. JJ has not any connection to Martin yet.

His reason to attempt suicide was, that he had to atone for his mistakes and that nobody want to do anything with such a paedophile like him. He says that he has to pay for that what he has done. The last straw that breaks the camel’s back was that everybody, who recognizes him, abuses him and that he meet Penny Chambers again.



1. Thomas Hentrich - February 21, 2008

First of all I want to say that I really like you characterization. You go very deep inside the character of Martin and you deal with all important facts that should be dealt with in a characterization of Martin Sharp.
You mention his publicity that comes through his job as a TV presenter. Furthermore you mention his family, his ex-wife and his kids which you do in a very short way. I think you could have written more to the fact that it is Martin’s fault that he can’t see his kids because he thinks that Cindy won’t allow it, so he doesn’t try to get allowance to see his kids once a week or so. Further on you write about Martin’s language which is a very important aspect of his character, as you say it shows his intelligence, that he is able to switch his language if the situation asks for it. I think you go a bit too far by saying that he wants to live a jet-set-life only be the fact that he lives in a nicer neighbourhood. I would say that he only wants to enjoy the money that he earns by being a famous TV-presenter and he likes to be surrounded by posh people. You also write about his behavior to the other characters of the book and you really nicely describe the relationship between Martin and Maureen but I don’t think that Martin is like a father for Jess. I think he rather does this subconsciously than on purpose. I would say that he thinks that it is his job as the older and more intelligent one to save this little girl from jumping. And I think that he tries to compensate his own problems in this way.
In the last part you interpret his reasons for committing suicide in a nice way because as you say the only reason for him is his broken career and family. He doesn’t believe that his life will be restored one day so he sees his only solution in suicide.
All in all as I said I really like your characterization and I am impressed of your good use of English. About some facts you could have said a bit more but nothing of this is dramatic.

2. Erik Klimmek - February 21, 2008

First of all your characterization sounds good and is written in such a smooth way, so that it doesn’t disturb the flow of reading. Furthermore you’ve included all the important information about Martin. Where he lives, what happened in his previous life and how his character act like at special situations, for example the way he can change his language for using slang if he’s talking to Jess. Here you could have added the fact that Jess is also stressed by Martin when he uses his way of speaking like he is a know-all guy (pg. 31). For me it looks like Jess thinks that he is a dazzler who tries to hide behind a wall of intelligence to avoid being linked to his problems. Also he’s not using slang only at the top of toppers house. You mentioned that Martin seems to be a rich man which is in my opinion a way to imprecise. Only living there doesn’t make him a rich guy I think. If you remember the circumstances that lead to his will to attempt suicide, he could as well have lost all of his money by being arrested in prison and out of it loosing his job. So he could also live there because he hasn’t thought about hunting for a more favourable house.
The point of how he is related to the other characters is a well written part. So far I have nothing to add.
In your last part you’ve been talking about his reasons for committing suicide. I think you could have added that he does not want to meet his children because of his laziness. He isn’t emphatically enough to take care for them for a longer time. So he could visit them whenever he wants but he does not want to.
All in all you’ve characterized the person of Martin Sharp in a very good way, but in some ways your interpretation is different from mine.

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