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First characterisation about JJ(part 1) February 23, 2007

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JJ is a young and nice american guy. He lived in America in Chicago, before he came to England with his girlfriend. Music was the biggest in his live. In America he was a rockstar, but after a while his band broke up, because the success was too low and therefore they lost more and more fans. In London his girlfriend left him and JJ was very very sad and devastated. A little time later he thought that the life must go on. He searched for a job and worked in a Pizza service. But in a while he felt alone himself, because he had no friends in London. At the day when he met the other three characters he spoke so much with them and he didn`t feel any more alone. He found new friends and he was a little bit happy. He was nice to the others, although each of them is different. He forgot his plan to kill himself for a moment and did things with the others. He has a good relationship to all and he even helped Jess to found her ex boyfriend on a party.

All in all JJ is a nice guy and the reasons for the dicision to kill himself are the flop with his band, the breakup with his girlfriend and his lonesome life in London.



1. knuffelmock - February 28, 2007

Its a nice characterization of JJ and his story so far. Very many facts, maybe not all of them are necessary. The part about the relationships to the others is a bit short but okay. The summary at the end is neat.

2. karlinchen - March 16, 2007

In my opinion this is a very informative text about JJ, even if it’s more a renarration than a characterisation. But I think it’s very felicitous!!
There are many facts about JJ and you can understand what kind of person he is if you read what you’ve written.
All in all this is a good text.

3. Denis Lobo - February 21, 2008

My comment relates to all the three characterizations

Your characterization of JJ is quite fine. For a person, who didn’t read the story, it provides a good overview of the behaviour of JJ. But I think you should have more stressed out, the point that JJ holds the entire group together, because he wants a band back. In one passage of the book, he calls them a band. He misses his band, and the feeling of affiliation, which bands implicate.
You mentioned his problems with his identity. I think this is rather one of the most important fact of JJ in the book. The last passage of JJ in part 3 proves it, as he choose to stay in Britain instead going back to US. You say in the characterization, that JJ suffers because of his girlfriend Lizzie, but you don’t mention, why it had come so far. The passage, where he realizes, why it didn’t work with Lizzie, is isdispensable to characterize JJ. At this point, he realizes, that he misunderstood other things, too. Additionaly, you didn’t mention that his character is changing, due to experience, he makes.
All in all, I would say that your work about JJ is pretty fine. You got the important facts in your characterization. But you could give a little bit more detailed information about JJ.

4. Benjamin Biernath - February 21, 2008

In my opinion the characterization of JJ is written well. You have included a lot of important facts of JJ’s life. All necessary facts of JJ’s character, his outward appearance and his profession are included, but I think some important facts are missing. For example you don’t mention why JJ wants to kill himself.
Maybe you should also include the fact, where JJ meets the other three characters and why they become friends at the end of the story. You said that JJ talks much with Maureen, Martin and Jess, but JJ is a very silent guy who doesn’t talk so much. At the beginning JJ lies to all of them. He says that he has an incurable illness called CCR, which in real is an US rock band. I think it is an important characteristic point, because he starts the relationship with the others with a big lie. The other characters although show him a new way of life. That is the reason because he decides not to attempt suicide.
All in all the information could be more detailed.

5. Jannis - February 21, 2008

First I want to say your abstract is more a short summary about JJ and not a real characterization. Maybe it has just a wrong title and it should be a summary, I don’t know. But if it has to be a characterization you have to be more precise about saying what JJ does in the story and what he tries to achieve.

I think you tell the reader the most important information, but you could add a lot.

For example, you haven’t said why JJ wants to commit suicide and for me it is a very important characteristic point of JJ. His whole life he dreams of being a rock star, but his plan for the future were destroyed, because his band wasn’t as successful as they wanted it to be and they split up. JJ decides to go to London to start a new career, but all attempts were in vain and he has to work as a pizza man. His reasons for planning to commit suicide are that he is a failed musician and that his girlfriend left him.

At New Year’s Eve he meets Maureen, Jess and Martin on the top of Toppers House. All want to commit suicide and tell each other the reason why they want to do it. JJ thinks that he hasn’t got a sufficient reason to kill himself like the other main characters have, so he says that he has got CCR, which is in reality his favorite pop band, but he uses the name as a deadly illness and hopes that Maureen, Martin and Jess don’t find out about this lie and they don’t. JJ has an attention deficit and wants to be a “cool” boy.

We can’t say that he is a stupid guy, who never could achieve anything. In the novel it says that he is a well-read boy and he has a preference to write songs.

At the end he wants to stay in England with his new friends while he is trying to play guitar as a street musician and gives up his attention deficit which ruined his life before New Year’s Eve.

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