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Characterisation Jess – Part one by Marlen February 23, 2007

Posted by lenchen in Characters, Jess.

Jess is an 18-year-old girl, who is a punk. When we get to know her she attended a party in Toppers House where she is searching for her ex-boyfriend called Chas but he does not want to meet her because in his eyes she is a stalker. Contrary to his impression she said that you can not call it stalking “when it’s just phone calls and letter and emails and knocking at the door.”.  That is a good example for her manner of expressing her emotions because everytime her mood shows very strongly. Jess is a person who does not think too much. In my view we can see that in her way of reacting and talking with other people. So it is obvious that it is a coincidence for her to jump off Toppers house. To commit suicide was not planned because she decided it spontaneously. That is the reason why she made the noise when she arrived on the roof. She said “it was [her] mistake if the idea was to kill [herself].” which means that she does not really wanted to jump. That serves to illustrate that jumping was just a game for her. Jess is really cheeky. For instance she asked JJ provoking questions when he brought the pizza. Furthermore she is extremely rough and curses all the time. About herself she says that she is not religious or shy. Another quality is that it does not matter to her what other poeple think about her. So she offended Maureen very hard when she asked her if her ex-boyfriend preferred to “shag” her in “doggy style” so that he does not have to look at her. But I remain unconvinced by all those qualities, because after that she shows “the real Jess”, I think, since she felt sorry for what she had done and at this moment she wanted to change herself. She knows that that she sometimes loses control when somebody laughs at her. That is why she is too fast and too direct and the reason why people are scared about her and “pissed her off” so quickly. First we could think that she is  selfish because she wants the others to help her to find Chas but truly she gots a link to them and does not want them to jump because she thinks that they could help each other. That is the reason why she compares them with a band like “The Beatles” or named them as a group. Moreover she got sympathy and empathy in high gear. That is why she wanted to kill Matty for Maureen because she noticed that Maureen want him to die.  Jess made that out of sympathy. Another striking example for that is that she knows that JJ wanted to kill himself too just because he has said that he wanted to share experiences.

So all in all I can say that Jess is just being disagreeable and offensive because deep in her inside she is very depressed and hurt, but there are only some little moments where we could find her showing her real emotions and feelings. So it remains to be seen if Jess opens herself up later or if she plays the cool one until the end of the book. I hope not.



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