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Translation February 26, 2007

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We dealt with the problem of register & style rather extensively. Coping with different registers is particularly demanding in translations / interpreations. You need to find the equivalent register in the target language – not easy. Nonetheless, we’ll give it a try. So, try to interpret a passage from Jess’ passage (p. 65 “I’m sorry, I went.” to p. 66 “…and we didn’t have anywhere to go.”)

Remember what we discussed regarding different taboos in different languages / cultures!

Put your texts into the blog (category translation).


A interpretation of Jess’ internal Monologue February 26, 2007

Posted by knuffelmock in Translation.

Es tut mir leid, fuhr ich fort. Es tut mir leid das dich dieser Haufen Scheiße beleidigt hat. Und dann sagte er, dass es nicht meine Schuld wäre, aber ich sagte ihm das sie es doch ist, denn wenn er mir nicht begegnet wäre, hätte er nicht die Erfahrung machen müssen am Silvesterabend Fotze genannt zu werden. Und er sagte daraufhin das er sehr oft Fotze genannt wird.


First assignment of a characterization of Maureen February 25, 2007

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She is probably the most different character in comparison to the other three characters of Nick Hornby’s novel “A long way down”. Maureen is a middle-aged and very quiet woman who has to bear a heavy burden. Actually she hadn’t live for almost twenty years now because she gave away her life. And the reason for that is her disabled son who can’t neither walk, talk nor recognize anything that is going on in the world around him. Maureen has to look after him night and day and you probably can imagine that she really is in pain (she even takes anti-depressants!).


Maureen #1 February 25, 2007

Posted by jenny5 in Characters, Maureen.

Maureen is a mittle-aged single-mum. Her son Matty is profoundly retarted, he can’t speak and probably even not realize Maureen. She only had one time in her life intercoursed with a man – Frank, he is the father of Matty. Since Matty was born Maureen said her life has stopped and would never change. Because she has to pay Matty all of her attention and can’t do anything else in her life. She says that her biggest wish is that Matty is going to die. Maybe that sounds very hard, but also it shows her desperation. She thinks that her life is wasted and she wants to be like all the other happy people around her but she can’t because of Matty and that is the reason for her wanting to commit suicide. Maureen goes to church every sunday, but only because she is afraid of what other people would say if she doesn’t. That shows that Maureen worries about what people could think about her. Maureen seems to be a very shy and reserved woman and also not very selfconfident, because she doesn’t talk that much and if she says anything she seems to be very doubtful. She wishes that she could explain herself better and be able to show more emotions. She also doesn’t tell anything from herself and has to be asked by the others for her reasons of wanting to commit suicide. Maureen makes herself a picture of the other 3 characters, but does not speak out loudly what she is thinking about them. But her point of view shows that she is a bit old-fashioned, for example she hates slang and she does not know Martin Sharp, a famous tv presenter. All in all I think Maureen is a very friendly person and liked by all the others.

first try/ characterisation Jess February 25, 2007

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Jess is a eighteen-years old teenager. She is desribed as a very tactless, staright forward girl. Her biggest problem is, that she has no

Jess – Part One February 25, 2007

Posted by martn in Jess.

A little characterization of Jess:
Jess is an eighteen-year-old, very tactless and straight forward girl.

In her family were some problems and she doest’n have got real friends, maybe because she say things before she thought about it. Before New Years Eve she had a boyfriend called Chas, who left her without some kind of explanation and called her a stalker since she phoned him, rang more than one time on his door. Because of this not so brudent boy, she wants to commit suicide.

She talks very slangy, there you can see her social origin. The other characters dislike Jess, cause she always says what comes on her mind. Her favorite word is “f*ck”, which she uses in any paragraph. Sometimes she has some mental chunkings, in this situations she’s highly aggresive and angry and yell at the persons around her. I think Jess know herself, she know, that she’s hurting other people with her speech, with her diction.

First try of a trait of JJ February 25, 2007

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JJ seems to be a nice and decent person. For the others he first looks like a typical american rockstar with a leather jacket, what doesn’t fit with the fact that he delivers pizza in the moment where they all met.

He behaves very friendly about Martin, Maureen and Jess and he always tries to understand the others and also defend them if there is an impolite situation.

JJ (Part 1) February 25, 2007

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JJ was the last who came to the roof. He wasn’t like a person who wants to kill himself, when he appeared in the book. He came to the roof with a strange question, if anybody ordered a pizza, which looks like a joke in this situation. Maybe, he looks a little bit unhappy, but such people have to be unhappy. JJ is a musician and, how he describes himself, a romantic, sensitive person, so he have to be a bit melancholic. We don’t get a lot information about him. The first, what we find about him is that he is American. Then he tells, that he had a band, probably in America, which was popular, he liked what they were doing, and most of all, their liveshows. But this band doesn’t exist anymore.

Who is JJ? February 25, 2007

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He was once in a rockband in America but they haven´t got so much fans and unfortunately they had to stop playing music because there was enough of money. A little bit after the breakup of his band he has got to know a women from england and he fell in love with her. Afterwards he´ve been gone with her to England. That sounds very good and he seemed to be lucky but after a while they split up and he stayed in England.

JJ speaks American English and you don´t need to know that before meeting him, you hear it after the first two words. He got long hair (I don´t know if it´s blonde or black or whatever) and he appears like a rockstar with a leatherjacket but you wouldn´t expect that he loves books. He reads every book that comes in his hands and consistent with his bandcareer he logically loves music. In every situation he is thinking about a song that would compare to it.

Characterisation of JJ – round one February 25, 2007

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John Julius, not a good name if you want to be a cool rock-star. JJ would fit better if you dismissed from school and started a life as a rocker in a band. That is the reason why JJ is called JJ and doesn’t like his real name and hates it when people ask about it. JJ is a quite interesting character because he’s quite like-able and doesn’t argues with the others often. He seems to be a smart guy who likes it when people get along all fine and very quick uses the word friends for this special group of 4 people. JJ often uses quotations, from books or songs that he likes, that fit into a very special situation. He once had a girlfriend but had broke up with her and also with his band because they were in a dead end and couldn’t think of any new songs or even at performing old favorites. These things sum up at his wish to commit suicide.